EMP Admin helper Full Version

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  • under setup then server you need to put the host name (ftp) from your nitrado web interface mine is usny008.gamedata.io. Then under FTP you need to check ftp active, change ftp type to active then check FTP old way (must be done in that order). Put the ip address for your server under Overwrite Telnet IP. Use the FTP port number from your nitrado web interface as well as your username (both from the FTP section). Then for directory put /empyrion/ or /empyrionexperimental/ depending on if your using the public or experimental branch. Then at the bottom click FTP password and enter the password from the nitrado web interface. That should get it working.

  • Just found out how to map to the FTP but the FTP service for nitrado prevents one from copying .exe into the FTP. So as it stands EMP Admin Full cannot be used on this service so I think ill move to a new host when my server time is up. BTW dont ask support for help they are less than helpful for anything empyrion.