Chacters/Items lost during transfer

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  • I'm not sure who this issue belongs to, but following the release of the Nitrado cluster ID masterlist, and whatever was done to fix the problem, we are having players lose their inventories, characters, or both during transfers. There doesn't appear to be any way of predicting when or why this occurs from my end. I did manage to capture a small clip of when it happened to me.

    Since I use 4k capturing it didn't grab the full incident. I attempted to transfer from one server to another, on the same cluster, and nothing occurred. I backed out of the transmitter, turned, and then it displayed the retrieving inventory prompt. What the clip doesn't show is that it eventually prompted me that the retrieval had timed out. I had to exit back to the main menu, and then attempted to join the map I had been trying to transfer to from the main server browser. I was prompted to create a new character and there was no character to download. I then exited and rejoined the server I had been transferring from and was prompted to spawn my character in. My inventory was gone (armor, hotbar, and so on)

    Based on the tickets we are handling, this issue seems to occur in a similar fashion to what you see in the clip. Our players are reporting that their character disappears from the screen as if transferring, but that nothing occurs. When they exit to the main menu and rejoin they have either lost all of their inventory, or their character is gone completely. We are instructing everyone coming to us with this issue to check the map they are transferring to as well as the character download.

    Given this became an issue after whatever occurred to correct the security vulnerabilities related to the cluster id list, I am assuming they are related. If there is anything you would like me to test, or any other information you need from just let me know.

    The clip:

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  • Soldiercide

    Changed the title of the thread from “Chacters/Items during transfer” to “Chacters/Items lost during transfer”.