Valguero Lost Characters

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  • Hello,

    This has been on and off, I was told it was resolved.

    Today 3 people Lost their Characters on valguero. They weren't transferring. Logged in and the character creation screen came up, didn't even have the option to download character. tames were lost due to dinos in cryo pods on the character. This happened several times last week then was fine. Now it started up again. How can we stop this from happening or is there a fix we can do ourselves?

  • Its a known bug in ARK. They have it listed in their forums. It has been a bug for nearly 3yrs. I stopped allowing folks in transferring their characters.

    Typically if I know its update day, I remind folks to not use their CA. I am not aware of any work around.

    If you are transferring and losing your character after logging out, the workaround is to kill your character after each transfer. its tedious, but its what we tell people on our cluster and the only people who continue to have issues are the ones that transfer literally every 5 minutes between several servers and do not kill their characters. if you kill your character it forces the character data to sync to the map so the game has a reference point of where your character is actually supposed to be. its a pain for sure, but its better than losing your character

    Not knowing something Yesterday just creates opportunity for growth Today. Strive to learn and do better, and be better for it.