Sever not showing up

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  • oh no i tried to remove it from global list and get back to global list but now if i clicking show in global list it dont do anything :( and i also dont have errors dashboard saying too i have everything fine

  • If you are continuing to have servers issues, please contact Nitrado Support directly either by creating a ticket or calling them.

    This is a Community Support Forum. The Forum Moderators do not have access to your servers. We can ask basic questions and offer suggestions just like others in the Community are able to do. When submitting your ticket, please include any errors you may have in the logs, include some of the basic things you have done. Even include if you did a force shutdown and restart. If you don't the ticket will come back asking you to do that.

    Here is the link: Support |

    Thank you.

  • DOAGEN I am having the same issue as them but I have a steam/PC server for over a week with this issue and have already submitted a ticket and still have not heard anything from Nitrado. This is why some of us are posting on the forums.

  • No worries.

    Still us in the forums are unable to assist.

    Typically a PC server will not appear for a list of possible reasons.

    (1)- The server does not have the latest SW applied. Please verify that it appears in the WebUI. 298.37

    298.37 - Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

    (2)- Mods are not up to date on the server.

    *note- if you are personally subscribed to other mods on some old servers you may have played on or such- until those are updated on your client, the server will not appear.

    (3)- Servername is too long or has characters in which are not supported. The easiest way to test this is simply to name it like 5 characters. ABCDE is what I use to test this theory.

    (4)- Server is up to date, but your client is. Verify that.

    (5)- Steam actually has a max list of servers that can be displayed. Read this post for more detail:

    "Unable to see Server listed or Connect" ARK- All platforms

    (6)- This is not what I recommend, but it has helped some folks. Do a backup recovery of the latest backup available on the WebUI. Note, the IP could change. In most cases it will not, but I have had mine personally changed. If you are really comfortable with manual backs, do the latest WebUi recovery just before the update. Make sure the server is stopped. Then once the server comes back up and it appears and your gave saved data is there, but just a bit behind- shutdown server again, and review the WIKI for the FTP manual recovery method. Basically take the latest gamefile, untar/unzip on pc prior to the update. In FTP, in the file, rename to like leaving it the mapnameOLD. Then copy the unzipped gamefile, remove the the date stuff so its the mapname, and restart the server.

    That is a summary. Read carefully the wiki and google on how to do it exactly. You do run the risk of overwriting all your stuff. Its why before you do ANYTHING, do a full backup of your shooter directory on your PC. This way you have an exact copy to restore from. :)