Dayz game adding to existing server

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  • Hi, i recently put in a ticket regarding how can i change the current game Ark to Dayz on my currently rented server, i recieved a reply really quick in all fairness, the reply i got was when all pre ordered xbox servers were issued that the option for dayz to be added to the list of games available would be going live. I was curious though now to know when will this be? i am still adding days to my ark server to keep it live and to prevent the long wait to pre order a dayz one, How long realistically will this be before existing customers can use the service that you clearly advertise? It tells me in the option to switch game there is currently 5 games available instantly but you only list Ark and ark pixel that is 2 not 5.:D:whistling:

  • Currently it is still considered a Pre-Order. Converting an existing may or may not be faster. Pre-Orders are being worked first from my understanding.

    Not sure when the Devs will add it to the WebUI to 'change game'. Typical that stuff comes later.