Immersive Engineering centered Modpacks?

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  • Are there any Modpacks with Immersive engineering as the core technology mod?

    Me and my friends have noticed that IE usually sits in the corner of other Kitchen Sink modpacks, and we would like to experience a modpack with IE as one of the main focuses.

    Preferably, the modpack would be version 1.10.2 or below, since we plan on playing with / adding Ars Magica to the pack, which has been only updated to 1.10.2. We'd also prefer non-progression based or non-quest-book styled modpacks. Me and my friends do not particularly like those kinds of modpacks.

    Ive tried making my own modpacks, but many mods on curseforge only have 1.11.2 and up on their files section, so making 1.10.2 pack and below proves difficult.