New Content Not Active?

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  • Anyone else have this problem? My server, which took approximately 4 days to get running (was having the forever restarting issue), now does not have the current content active. I've looked in the normal dashboard for the "enable economy" and / or "enable bounty contracts" options, nothing. Then, I swapped to expert settings and looked through the config file. I couldn't find anything that would relate to these settings. Anyone have a possible solution? Also, anyone know if there's a good guide to all the different settings within the config file?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I am thinking about moving someplace else for hosting. Nitrado is great when things work, but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. When you have communities that would like game updates to play, not having the server running severely impacts the state of us smaller groups.

    Sorry for the rant, but at some point, enough is enough.;(

  • agreed. I was happy with their service when I was running an ark server on PS4. But the lack of response from them for this server has been disappointing. I did notice that my server updated, and is apparently "running the current version." I have not however figured out how to enable the economy update. Nor is it running automatically.

  • And now my server is stopping constantly. Not able to start and log on. IP has also been changed without any notice from Nitrado. I guess they don't want to keep me as a customer? Really frustrated I can't get a response and these issues keep piling up.

  • Little update. Spoke to Matt with customer service a little while ago. Servers have been updated but the economy update is by default turned off. You have to go into the game files and adjust the economy line from "false" to "true." My server had a separate issue which was causing it to go offline. Overall happy to get the response.

  • They have fixed it for me as well via ticket response. I appreciate the help from Nitrido and the community.

    Thanks and if anyone else has this issue please follow these steps provided by Nitrido.

    1. Please follow these steps: - Shut your server down - Navigate to spaceeng_profile/Saves/<worldname> in the file browser: Change
    2. <EnableEconomy>false</EnableEconomy> to true in the Sandbox.sbc Save the
    3. settings - Restart the server This will enable the new update.

    ..Also I don"t understand why my copy/paste is in that format ^