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  • Hello,

    I've been playing Ark for a couple years on and off. A friend and I want to start a dedicated server using a 3rd party hosting provider. If we rent a server, is there a way that both of us can access the server whenever we want? We live in two different locations in the U.S and don't want to be limited on when we can login. Also, will we have freedom to go wherever without a tether when using a hosting provider for dedicated servers? If this is all possible, how do you get it setup? I'm a not a noob to Ark but a complete noob to dedicated servers. If someone can explain or help on/off the forum that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  • First of all, i can not recommend a dedicated server only for a single gameserver. It's too expensive and the maintenance / work which is needed to get it up and running (including making it secure) is not worth the time and money. You should rather rent a ARK gameserver from a company like nitrado. They will provide you only the server for less money.

    You can rent a ARK server here at nitrado. You and your friend can connect to the server whenever you want as long as it is turned on. The location doesn't matter, the only thing you might want to look out while ordering is the location of the hosted server. Too far away and the ping can be too high. Try to select a location close to you and your friend.

    If you both have an account here on the nitrado page, the server-owner can grant the other person access to the server and he can do all he got permission for.

    No support via PM.

    Important: Mods here in the forum do not have access to your services. If we advise you to contact the support, you have to create a ticket or call them. There is nothing we can do.

  • Drakexz, Thanks for the reply. That's exactly what we want. We want to rent a server in hopes of both of us being able to login whenever making progress on our server at different times if necessary. I will definitely look into renting a server on Nitrado since they are one of the more popular choices.

  • Rondeau04, I bet. That's one thing I hate about the non-dedicated server. It makes no sense to have that tether X(. Rondeau04, how long have you had your server? Was it hard to setup?

    The difficulty depends on how complicated you choose to make it. Setting up a basic server at default everything is just a button press. A simple server with a few minor settings changes and a couple if mods is easy, just takes time to get the settings where you want them. Customizing drops/xp tables/dino spawns can be very complicated.

    Start simple, work your way up if you want.

  • like Esheon said. I have two very different servers. One is pretty basic pvp with boosted harvesting rates and boosted taming and raising dinos. Then the pve is pretty the same boost wise but I have completely custom drops. Every drop in the game is made to drop good high level items. Helps take the grind out of it all.

    There are a lot of awesome people in this community that are more than willing to help you out when you need it.

    Are you looking for a steam server , ps4 or xbox?

  • Rondeau04 I currently play on PS4 but moving over to PC/Steam soon to get a different experience and more freedom, which is why I want to setup a dedicated server. My friend and I are tired of the limitations on console. Is it necessary to have the Ark Server Manager or will I setup everything through the server itself?