Cross Ark Issues, specifically loss of characters

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I know there are multiple issues around cross-ark as mentioned in other threads, but I'm curious if anyone has actually heard of these issues being addressed at all. Every update that wildcard releases the issues get worse. People are being disconnected from their tribes, and more severely, are losing their characters altogether. After transferring between servers/maps, when you log out, there is a good chance your character data will be deleted from your account, so even though your character still exists, and you can see it laying there, there is no way at all to regain control of it. So any levels, engrams, or ascension that youve completed is gone and you are no longer associated with your tribe.

    What we've been doing on our cluster is giving the players their levels back, but we obviously cant help them with boss tek engrams and ascensions, and its a risk every time we force join their tribe that it may just up and merge our tribe with theirs. We are replacing a minumum of 1 character a day if not more, and I know a recommendation is to disable character transfers, but thats not really feasible for our cluster setup. We have our pve servers isolated from pvp to avoid them being used as storage banks, but characters can transfer out. If we disable character transfers that completely breaks that setup and isolates our pve players even more.

    So my ultimate question....if there are so many issues around cross ark, are the devs actually working to address it, or is it being pushed to the back as a lowest priority thing? We are starting to lose players because of it, and we can only mitigate it for so long.

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  • When you mention is not new. WC DEVs are aware. Folks are posting several support requests on their site.

    I have been supporting ARK on PC for near 3 years. I have the same issues here and there. For me, I have disabled the players being moved around as that seemed to be the biggest issue. Creating a character from scratch is part of the game. I have left the dinos and items to be moved around. But I post in my discord use at your own risk. Transfer a small item to test. Sadly, its affecting all platforms and has for some time. I have seen a spike in consoles with CA issues.

    About all the info I have. I have tons of hours in troubleshooting the CA feature though as with most admins. ;)