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  • Good morning.

    I have been paying for two Ark PS4 servers for the past six months, one set to Ragnarok map and the other to Valguero. We have been playing on both maps for months.

    This morning the Valguero map vanished from the lists. We cannot find it. I have reset the server twice. I have attempted to access it both with and without a password. My dashboard says that it is running but no combination of searching or filters have made it show up. It has all the same settings as the Rag server, and the Rag server shows up and is accessible. Both accounts are set to extend automatically and are paid up until the end of the month. There is a one word difference in the name of each server, and both servers start with my username. Up until today a search for my username found both servers. Today it finds only one. Please help!

  • Pretty much same situation for me. Xbox. 1 server on Rag, perfect. 1 server on Val, impossible to find. Server names are the same on cluster, and map name abbreviations on the end. Runtimes are good to go, just put another 120 days on Val last week. 50 something days for Rag.

    Multiple restarts shutdowns and startups. Interface shows good. Half of my server population trying to play now messaging me. Other half are patient or unaware. Please help

  • This is me as well (PC/Xbox). Yesterday the server was stuck in a "restarting" loop, today the server shows running, but doesn't appear in any list. I've tried using 3rd party server listings to find it, and tried to restore a backup, but the server can't be found. All settings are the same as they were before all this started.

    It seems they've traded one problem for another in my case.

  • I called customer support. They walked me right through the issue with the save file from yesterday's restart after an update. They even knew what time to start looking at. Hopefully this helps somebody else roll back their server to get around this issue.