Played on release, how's the state of the game now?

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  • Yeah I know, you've probably seen a lotta posts like this but it's hard to go through each and every patchnote. So I'll just get right into it, how's the core gameplay? Fire arrows still OP? People still sinking ships at spawn? Any way to safely store boats when offline? Is there still No land at all where to set up cause big zerg orgs have taken up every island? Ghost ships still make up most of the ocean surface?

    How's the community? Chinese still zergfesting half the map? People still offline raiding to win?

  • Overall better, IMO. There are still some frustrating bits, but they've done two mega-updates and a bunch of QoL/bugfix passes. I say that even though I'm having issues with my Blackwood server.

    As for the community, I refuse to play official on ARK or Atlas, so I couldn't tell you. Unofficial servers can be great, of course.