Arma 3 Exiles, trouble with mods

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  • Hey all,

    I'm new to this Arma exile server stuff and I was having some trouble getting mods to work. I have been placing the mods into the appropriate folders per the mod FAQ on Nitrado, but they don't seem to be working. I want to run a server with:

    - Ryan Zombies

    - Enemy AI (w/ patrols)

    - higher spawn rates for weapon locations

    - Vehicles

    - Capability to build.

    I'm not dumb, I just feel I am missing a step in the process. I am copying the key files (@abc123) into the folder the primary @exile mod is listed, but nothing is happening. Restart after restart nothing seems to be working. Any help would be appreciated...

    In case I am dumb, if someone could just tell me what files I need and where to put them in the FTP, that would be great!!!