Ark Server Scripting - Time of Day

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  • Hi!

    I would like to script my Ark Server Startup to mirror the time of day of the server it is on, or some other source. We are set for real-time day progression and like to play so that the sun mirrors our location. Any ideas?


  • Thats an interesting way of doing it. if you have already done the leg work to match the in-game time to real-world time, then the other part is easy. All you need to do is log into the interface on Web, go to Timed Restart in the left panel menu under the Tools section, and then set the time accordingly. Keep in mind that the time displayed is EST US time. We have ours set to 3:30a daily, but I am central time, so it restarts at 2:30a my time.

    Edit: Reading through it again, I'm actually not sure if you mean the daily restarts, or just setting the time in general. What do you mean by Ark Server Startup? If you can clarify that maybe i can revise my info to help better.

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