Cannot use Expert Settings on a newly purchased Ark server

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  • I have just bought a new Ark Xbox server and am trying to set it up. It appears to have fully installed and I can edit the general settings but not the expert settings. I dont recall there being any wait to do this on my previous 6 servers. I tried reinstalling the server and made sure it was shut down, I tried editing all of the general settings and that hasnt helped either.

    I get the following message: The requested file or directory could not be found.

    I am not having a good run of it at the moment - for over a month now at least one of my 6 servers is always down and I have had little help with the matter. :(

    Any suggestions so I can at least get this server up?

  • The option is there, I can click on it and even change between the three ini menus but none of them has any text in it already and I cannot add text to it and have it save. Have never had this happen before.