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  • Hello!

    I'm trying to use the dedicated enpoint (Gameserver-SendCommand) to send messages on my Ark smartphone gameservers but nothing seemed to work correctly.

    I've tried the following (I'm using nitrapi node package) :

    1. nitrapi.dataPost(`services/${myServiceId}/gameservers/app_server/command`, {
    2. command: 'say hello',
    3. // or
    4. command: 'message hello',
    5. // or
    6. command 'echo hello',
    7. }...... success failure callback omitted for the exemple);

    Gameserver-Details & Restart are working fine except for the Restart function.. I've noticed that the restart_message parameter is not always sent to the server and the preconfigured restart_cooldoown amount of 1 min (If I remember right) is now always mentioned to online players

    In addition I would like to set my announcement message using this endpoint, is it possible ?

    Thanks for your time and answers !

    *** EDIT ***

    I've also noticed that player list is not fetched from game data using the Player management Endpoint

    Piribo :?: