Arma 3 - Sick of uploading gigabyte's worth of mods

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  • So, there are some hosting solution for other games, where it's the host that pre-downloads the very popular addons from the workshop and just distributes it to each of the rented game-servers if requested - Why isn't this a thing on Nitrado?

    I am really sick of uploading CUP Terrains, a mod that is 8GB, by myself - It'd surely save some bandwidth on nitrado's side as well, and it'd improve overall experience for the client. NitradoUSA has posted a comment on this steam discussion in 2017 that it's coming, but I can't seem to find anything about that, other than presets for Altis life, wastelands etc.

  • It is already there for garrys mod / cs go so i tought i can just enter my collection id but nope, not for arma 3. Actually i download the mods with steam cmd on my VPS and then upload them with 1gbit upload. Works.

  • I have seen in other providers that the most popular mods are to be put on the server as an option. You don't have to manually upload the mods one by one. And in others, the mods can be uploaded directly from the workshop.

    It would be great if nitrado updates a bit and puts these options on its servers.