Event ideas on ark

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  • hey all you lovely internet people. I have had my server just over a month 1 map (more to come), I am wondering if you have any ideas or tips for events I can run from ideas to full setting change I welcome them all

    If you have the time please hit me up, and maybe even join ;)

  • I've done a few where I hide a box with something nice in it, then leave clues to its location scattered around the map. It takes more prep time and you need to be able to write good riddles or rhymes to pull it off well, but it's usually well-received.

    You could do an alpha hunt, those are pretty common. Just spawn an alpha somewhere unusual and reward whoever kills it. OR, spawn in a higher-than-normal tameable dino (or a dino that doesn't spawn normally on your map). In this case, the dino itself is the reward. Note: Neither of these events is very difficult if you're using an S+ Tek Transmitter.

    I've also done an "invasion" event where I spawned in hostile dinos from other maps. I left a series of clues on how to stop the invasion, but they seemed to prefer fighting it off over ending it.

    Another one I've done was a "Broodmother Escapes" thing where I added spiders to every spawn container and left clues that lead to where they could find the Broodmother I had spawned in. Took a bit more setup, but the freakout when spiders started spawning on the beach was pretty funny.

    For simpler stuff...

    Try building a dodoball arena or parkour maze.

    If Extinction engrams are unlocked, you can make a chessboard with taxidermy stands.

    If your map has rivers, naked raft races along the river can be fun. Actually naked races in general are fun, you just have to make sure people mindwipe first if it's a foot race.

    If you have a wyvern trench, try wyvern egg runs using Lymantria as mounts. Bonus points if you have people on Griffins shooting fireworks rocket launchers into the trench.