Simple Webinterface Changes Thread

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  • Just wanted to start a thread for current and future webinterface suggestions.

    Server: Ark Xbox

    Section: Settings>General

    Suggestion: Unit of measurement for timers defined either at the top of the settings page denoting unit of measurement throughout the Settings page, or unit of measurement denoted in individual configurable settings.

    Note: I did some math and figured out that most of the units of measurement for timers or intervals seems to be in seconds, but if that could be noted somewhere in the text for the setting change options I think that would really improve the user experience. Im a telemetry engineer that manages a website our data is pushed to so im familiar with configuring information based on customer perception.

    Overall, I really like the way the webinterface helps people unfamiliar with editting ini files to change settings for their server. My suggestion is made with that in mind.

    Also, thanks for developing an autosetup for server purchasing and starting. Streamlining that process was genius. Good work.