Primitive Plus Issues WIN 10/XBOX

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  • Please advise,

    A few weeks back, before Val map was updated for the windows 10/xbox client I was running a brief island map server with primitive plus. All was good. My small tribe server was then shifted to the new map and our group enjoyed exploration of the content happily. Yet, after gathering some new players discussion was had that we'd shift back to primitive plus until Genesis was launched - for the sake of us who have yet to explore the Primitive Plus content (I host for new players).

    Upon altering the server map, to the Center which appears to be broken with odd texture errors (both single player and on server) in a few zones, it was discovered that on the server none could learn any primitive plus engrams.

    After evaluating if it was something improperly posted in my game.ini files (or gameusersettings) I simply couldn't find the reason. So, I reinstalled the server entirely presuming that perhaps if I simply did not meddle with anything but basic settings the engram issue would resolve itself, even if I had to change maps due to the Center being borked.

    No, success. No working engrams despite only a few weeks back there being no issues.

    So I tried it locally in single player - everything seemed in order (excepting of course The Center Map still being borked) as engrams were being learned just fine.

    Still not able to get the server itself to allow us to learn the engrams I simply rolled back to Valgeuro, losing about a day of progress (no big deal - after all we just wiped, I just wanted to provide players with the characters and tames they had recently uploaded for storage when Genesis eventually drops). Now the server is back to what we had it as but our desires to play Primitive Plus seem dashed.

    Another thread on this forum touches on the subject but I don't want to derail that thread with my own issues, so I post here. Is there some common realization that P+ is borked? Same with other maps such as The Center, borked and I am simply not tracking this?

    Please advise.