DAYZ Server Restart messages and admin Rights

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  • we need an XML code that works on all Dayz Servers telling us when the server will restart.

    I know the game allows it in the bottom left ive seen it on the official servers but we need the messages on the private ones aswell

    players are logging in to the server and then get kiked off when the server restarts and think we kiked them off instead this need to be addressed ASAP

    we also need Admin Rights To Our servers very poor admin rights atm we cant even ban nuisance players nor can I make anyone else admin incase am not on this needs fixed

    we are actually paying for servers we have hardly any control over

  • Still waiting on my server as well but I'm sure they will offer more options as to customization of the servers before to long once the community demands them. Ark servers have pretty complete controls of settings and I'm sure this will eventually be near to the same. They are for sure dropping the ball on the time it's taking to install these though. I have had 100+slots worth of nitrado servers for a long while and havent had issues like this until with dayz so giving them the benefit of the doubt and blaming dayz not nitrado but still a bummer not being able to let my community play on our server. I did a 10 slot but was planning to jump it to a 40 within a few days but i still cant do anything due to it being still in preorder.... money and time loss to both dayz and nitrado imo.