Arma 3 Server not launching

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  • Hi all, i have opened a ticket but hoping someone could shed some light on a problem i am having.

    I have just bought an Arma 3 server and configged Antistasi on it. Me and my friend played for about 30 minutes then the server shut down and i got this error in the event log

    1. ErrorMessage: Data file too short 'addons\anims_f_data.pbo'. Expected 112238631 B, got 40206336 B

    Thinking What i did must of been wrong i reinstalled the server and tried to launch it fresh but was met with the same problem. Am i right in thinking the server file is corrupt nitrado side? The file in question is just part of Arma 3, nothing to do with any mods etc.

  • I managed to fix it and will leave below how for anyone else having this problem as i suspect its a problem with nitrado's Arma 3 image.

    -Download Filezilla

    -Connect using the FTP credentials under your server Dashboard

    -Delete the addons folder Arma3/addons

    -Upload your own addons folder from your PC :/C/Program Files(x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Arma3 (Writing this from memory the next day at work so path may be slightly wrong but you should be able to figure out where it is)

    -This folder is about 15GB big and took my FilezZilla a good 2 hours to do was it was going at 1.8Mibs so youll have to be patient. Hopefully nitrado have a fix soon.

  • Hi there!

    Firstly, thank you for being one of the people that comes back and posts their solution, instead of just "Nevermind, I fixed it" :D

    Secondly, this solution you've listed does work. Another solution which may be a little quicker for those with slower internet speeds is:

    • Reinstall the server with the Reinstall function in the web interface.
    • (Optional) Export your configuration settings by going to General -> Settings and clicking Export.
    • (Optional) Download any mission files for re-upload after the install.
  • I did try to Reinstall with Vanilla Arma3 but it didn't fix it. The same error would come up. This is why i think there Arma 3 image ( or whatever they use to reinstall the server files) is corrupted.

    Am i able to export the Files as they are now and working so if i need to reinstall i can use that? My internet isnt that slow as i download the 6MB/s but for some reason FileZilla wouldn't go faster than 1.8.MB/s.