Cross-ARK: 'Travel to another server' option gone, now showing 'Upload survivor' instead.

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  • Hi there!
    If I have missed an official note about this somewhere, I apologise in advance (I looked through the posts but couldn't find anything similar).
    I'll try not to write this post as an actual bug report (I'm too used to my job as a tester), and to keep it short. Feel free to ask me questions, but I'm not very technical!

    When I first got my two servers for Cross-ARK, I had the same issue as I am having now.

    When wanting to travel between servers, the 'Travel to another server' option was not showing up in the terminal. Everything was set up correctly, which I verified with customer service over Skype. In a few days, the Cross-ARK option appeared out of nowhere and it was awesome! I could transfer between my two maps and not having to take my gear off this time and the transfers were super smooth and quick, unlike before when I had to upload my survivor every time I wanted to travel and kept losing my tribe membership.

    But now, it's back to square one again, as the option to travel between servers is gone. I have attached a screenshot of what the option looks like as of today. It looks like it's the same for everyone on my server, as they were the ones who told me about it first and I went to investigate it.

    Do I need to do anything to make the option appear again, or is this related to something entirely different that I can't control? I know there has been issues with Cross-ARK, but this in particular is affecting my tribe and I can only guess we're not the only ones out there having the same issue?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. The Valguero specific ice wyvern, which I lost several weeks ago when uploading it at the obelisk, is now showing up in the terminal (still can't do anything with it), and this only happens when the Cross-ARK isn't functioning correctly.

  • We had this problem, too. So we deleted the cross travel function and ID on all servers, saved, did a server restart. Then we installed the cross travel function again, made a new ID, saved, copied the ID to the other servers, saved, did a restart, and it works.

  • i have have the same problem Twitcheroo.. this is the second time in 3 weeks now..

    all was working well again made no changes and yesterday boom no cross ark again. getting a bit tired of it.

    dont know if its a nitrado problem or ark??

    but its not funny when you pay for something and its not working..

    i did the same thing that bluebee said.. multiple times but stiil not working..

    hopping some 1 can give us a answer or help us out .. Plzzzzz!!!!

  • Hi Extreme36,

    Sorry to hear you have the same issue as me. :( I have looked into the issue some more - I tried cross-ARK on my friend's servers (same maps as my current ones), which are hosted with another provider, and they are not having this issue. So maybe it is a Nitrado issue?

    Customer service told me the first time that this happened over Skype that they know about the issue, but they couldn't give me an answer on when it would be fixed and told me to be patient. Then it started working for me for a few days, and now it just doesn't work anymore. :(