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  • With the yesterdays supposed update for prime and a roll back on officials.

    We've noticed that even starting fresh on VaL with PrimePlus engrams are still messed up.

    I was wondering has anyone tried to roll back to before the famous update last week that literally torched the

    If not I guess I will be that one that tries.

    Or should we forget the mod every exists which atm seems the best option.

    Its only dirty in someone else's mind. And I'm not really a bear

  • Just before the Homestead patch they kinda got PrimePlus back running..homestead patch then took out drops and kibble on prime and now the last patch completely broke it..engrams specific to PrimePlus wont craft and PrimePlus structures where gone..they sent out a patch to fix some of it on monday but from what I've been told by my players ..Twitter and other forums the patch with a roll back did nothing.

    PrimePlus was always managed by CED only but now hes community manager he doesn't have the time. Bigger issue is WildCard has to much content for its developers size..they simply dont have the resources to keep up on fixes etc.

    The key to this is that supposedly the fix had a rollback. But these days WildCard isn't putting out all the goodies we need in a patch..i dont think they officially released notes for mondays fix..I do know it was client side

    Its only dirty in someone else's mind. And I'm not really a bear

  • It was in its "finished state" just not supported as much as it should. Only one dev ever worked on it and fixes come few n far between.

    I'm just going to move my PrimePlus onto something frustrating to wait on a fix and with every major patch breaking the mod..the upcoming dlc will destroy PrimePlus if you follow the pattern

    Its only dirty in someone else's mind. And I'm not really a bear

  • I've always had issues with Prim+, to the point that I just gave up on it forever. If you have several players, consider trying the Survival Plus mod instead. It only goes up to dark ages-level technology and has a class & trading system, but it does need multiple players working together to be fun.

  • Curious that everytime I move to make a simple change --- the world explodes... as of approx 23:00 CST aug 15 I eagerly restarted the server with the intention of operating a temporary Primitive Plus Xbox/PC crossplay server... we tried setting it up for "the Center" first and upon log in the first thing I noticed was that the center map is borked? There's areas of the sky which have black or gray textures as if in a cubists rendering... but I chalked it up to something on my end... until i tried to learn Primitive Plus Engrams.. none were working (of those available at my level) such as the pitchfork etc... others reported the same issue.

    So I tried changing maps. Ragnarok loaded fine and dandy.. same engram issue...

    Tried a fresh reinstall of the server curious if I made a change in expert settings that was borking things... started a server with primitive plus checked and on the island map... same issue.. can't learn primitive plus engrams.

    At this point I am simply returning to a server backup and hoping not all is lost. Assuming everything goes back to what it was before these failures, guess we will sit and wait for Genesis instead of distracting ourselves with primitive plus between now and that launch in Dec.

    Anyone else have similar issues?

  • I was wanting to setup a Prim+ server as well for my girlfriend and I. After configuring everything and checking the Prim+ option in general settings, logging into the server revealed all engrams displaying in the engram menu, and I was unable to learn Prim+ specific engrams despite them being displayed in the engram menu. No pitchfork for me.

    Seeing as how the webinterface is basically just a GUI for the server ini files, one idea I had was to find a Prim+ game where the engrams are working, and pull the text for Prim+ engrams and copy it to the server ini files. I came up with that idea after seeing that if you use Engine Settings to make custom engram changes they are "coded" into the game.ini. Since you can spawn usable Prim+ items into a normal world (from my knowledge) and they work, you can basically create a normal world but with custom engram changes that reflect Prim+ engrams. Not sure if that is feasible, as I havent tried it and only had my server for a couple hours.

    I just really do no want to have to custom edit every single engram for Prim+ lol. Maybe if we want it bad enough we can all break up the resposibility of editing custom engram settings to make it less daunting, and exhange what we have.

    Just some random ideas/suggestions for a work around.