one of my servers is stuck at 255 ping please help

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  • Try a reboot if you have not already.

    If you have and the ping is still high, please submit a ticket to Nitrado Support.

    You may want to include a tracert in the ticket.

    Here is the link to Support: Support |

    Thank you

  • do you have your breeding rates turned up? if dinos are left on breeding for an extended period it will do that as well. especially with creatures that either do live birth/gestation, or dinos whose eggs hatch at ambient temperature like dodos and raptors. We've had to do several "recovery missions" because players left dinos on breeding. if you are the server owner you can try and roll back the server a day or so to try and get ahead of it. once you are able to move around you can force tame or spawn any dino, doesnt matter what, unclaim it so that its just an unclaimed dino, and then use the admin command destroytribedinos on it. All unclaimed dinos/creatures are considered a single "tribe" so it will destroy all unclaimed creatures from the map.

    if its not a dino breeding issue, then obviously that wont work and youll have to go through support like Doagen mentioned

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