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  • Without knowing what is causing the lag, it's difficult to suggest a solution. What map are you playing? How long has the server been running? Do you have it set to do a daily restart? When does the lag happen? What kind of lag is it? Can you intentionally cause the server to lag by doing something? How far is the server from your location? What is your ping in-game? Is the lag affecting just you, or does it affect everyone on the server?

    For example, I recently dealt with lag caused by a specific dino (a doedic) harvesting metal nodes. That dino's melee rating was high enough that it was getting thousands of stone per swing even with only 5x gather rates. It took some time to figure out that the lag spikes we were getting corresponded with that one dino swinging his tail.

    Another thought would be large platform structures, especially if you have increased the maximum items allowed on a platform. One server I was on had a madman who built a castle on the back of a titanosaur (raid dino feeding was on), and he lagged the server out every time he took a step. I've also seen lag caused by overly large raft construction.

    Overspawning can cause lag as well. There used to be an issue on the Center map where are creatures would overspawn. Spawns looked fine from land, but the server would lag over time. If you've changed any spawn rates or inserted new spawn containers, this could be a cause.

    Massive amounts of tamed dinos or structures can also cause lag. There are a few buildings on my Valguero server that cause a small amount of lag for anyone nearby. When you have several hundred dinos eating, pooping, and laying eggs...

    TL;DR - need more info.

  • playing on extiction restart daily no insane settings and has been running for about 5 months lag happens always frame drops. Do not make lag on purpose server in miami im in north carlina lag affects everyone

  • "No insane settings" is pretty vague. As I posted earlier, even 5x harvesting can cause lag if you're harvesting with good dinos.

    Extinction is also the laggiest map in general, probably because of all the light sources.

    I'm not sure what "do not make lag on purpose" means. I think you mean you haven't tried to see if anything increases the lag? If so, that would be a good thing to try. You have to find the source of the lag before you can figure out how to fix it.

    I had another thought as well... do you have "bautounlockallengrams" turned on? That setting will cause a lag spike almost every time someone levels up.

    There's really no magic "anti-lag" button. You have to find the source of the lag before you can eliminate it.

    I would suggest using HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers for each harvestable item instead of HarvestAmountMultiplier, also disabling bautounlockallengrams if it is enabled. There are other things I mentioned in my previous post (large platforms, numerous dinos, etc) that may help as well.

    Unfortunately, you're playing the laggiest map, and you're playing on a console. For some reason, consoles tend to have more lag in general on ARK. You may not be able to eliminate it entirely, but trying some of the mentioned suggestion might help.