5th day of "Couldn't Retrieve Address" after "Your issues have been resolved" email.

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  • This is borderline robbery. There has not been a response to my ticket in 5 days since I was told my servers are working. They are not working. Your customer service line is only open for 4 and a half hours as is, and today it's just a busy tone. Do you just take the phone off the hook when the product people are paying for doesn't work? I have been patient for over a full week. I am done being patient. My player base is almost completely gone, and 3 out of my 5 servers do not work at all. Please contact me. A simple "we're working on it" response would suffice. The lack of communication and customer service with this company is absolutely appalling. I'm really close to just requesting a full refund and ridding myself of your company and this headache for good.

  • Im with you!!!! Same problems here with All my servers as well.

    Been trying to contact support for 5 days only to get a busy signal.

    If they cant even answer the phone to help us why should we be paying for a service that dosent work.

    Im giving it till tomorrow then im going to contact corporate and request refunds and let them know how bad there customer support has been.

  • Same here been down sense thursday myself, i dont have any answers other than its not just you, no one knows whats going on, no word eta or anything has been given. remember the moderators here are volunteers and cant give you all the answers either. best bet is to sit tight.

  • I'm with you both!! Have two servers both out of NY, bought them last Thursday and have only been able to get into them once that night. After that night me and my friends have only gotten the same (Joining Failed): Could not Retrieve Address, error message. I submitted a ticket last Friday have no response, and have tried calling only to get a busy signal as well. Total Scam...

  • @mardis as your other post is replied, I have passed the info off to Support.

    Everyone else, if the phone lines are busy please try again or submit a ticket if you have not already.

    Sorry that you are having issues.

    Here is the link: Support | nitrado.net

    Thank you.