Valheim crossplay server lag

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  • Purchased a server thru nitrado for Valheim yesterday. Got it set for cross play as I play on Xbox. Got it up and running, got into it and got friends in just fine,no problems. The issues occur after about 10 mins of play on the server,just horrid lag and rubber banding of player and enemies on the server. Is there a way to fix this issue? As of now it is unplayable on the nitrado server I rented.

  • Absolutely unplayable. Had to switch to dedicated just to play with my buds. What a shame cause my Ark server was always great. Probably gonna have to cancel and find another option.

  • I have the same problem. I can't find any help online or anything that says they are even looking into it. Playing with 6 people but we have all had to separate because the game becomes unplayable even if just two players stand close to each other. No idea what to do about completing bosses together. Spoke to admin on here but nothing they can do as they say its the way the game has been made but if that's so I think it's unfair to advertise crossplay servers when they know the game isn't set up for it? Will just play out the 30 days paid for and hope for a fix before it runs out. :(

  • Same issue. Might be if one player has bad connection it drags the whole server down, or at least causes lag in his vicinity. Anyway unplayable at times. Auto renew is off for now.