Server keeps stopping and restarting

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  • Hi!

    For the past few days my Factorio (Experimental) server has been inaccesible. After investigating my dashboard, it seemed the server was stopped. I restarted it, but it never actually started, it was hanging on 'restarting...' . I forced a restart, which did not change things. I left it stopped and left it alone for a day, thinking there was a problem with the service at the time.

    Today the server dashboard tells me the server has started. But whenever I try to log in and access it in Factorio, I get a network error and the dashboard tells me that the server has stopped.

    Is there anything I can do to resolve this? I have just under a hundred days prepaid for the server and I would like to continue using it as I have done for the past two months.

  • hi Ben,

    Apperently somthing happend with the download of the update to 0.17.64.

    i'm also trying to fix this.. i'll reply if i got news...

    So just uploaded via FTP the files of teh Heeadless server for factorio 0.17.64 and it now starts..

    hope it helps you

  • To me, just uploading the files from the "MS Windows (64 bit zip package)" headless server didn't really work.

    I have uploaded everything in "/data" & "/bin", but still couldn't get the server to run.

    What did work in the end was to also restore a backup from "08.08.2019 10:02:34 42.33 MiB" (in my case). Now the game is running fine using version 0.17.64

    I hope this issue will be fixed by the Nitrado team anytime soon, since other providers seem to work just fine.