Server Not Working - Internal Error

  • Hey,

    I brought an ARK server from Nitrado about 11 hours ago after using them without an issue in the past but cant seem to access my new server.

    Now all I'm getting is a rotating circular wheel in place of the web interface Icon, and when I manually click the text version to open it us to begin setting up the server I get this issue:

    Oops... An error occurred

    If this is a temporary issue, please wait a few minutes and try it again. If the issue still exists, please contact our support team.

    Internal error. If this error persists for more than 15 minutes, please contact our support and include this error ID: "b5740c33f8b14819b0e68562a6a1142c"

    I have already opened a ticket with them, but posting here to see if there is a quick fix that gets me sorted sooner.

    Thanks in advance guys :)