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  • I am having an issue with the code line " ForceRespawnDinos=true " which is supposed to do a wild dino wipe everytime the server starts up or does a server reset. As of recently, the command just does not want to run anymore and causes me to have to log into every map and manually do a wild dino wipe. Is anyone aware of why this may be happening?

    The program I use has this command line, the expert settings in nitrado has this command line BUT the general settings ForceRespawnDinos box continuously keeps getting unchecked. I am having a hard time finding out why the box will not stay checked. Almost like there is a conflicting code somewhere, but cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated.

  • I'm using expert settings as well and my box is unchecked as well. Is the command under server settings in the gameusersettingsini?

    I'll double check my servers it could be an issues related to updates as they sometimes break things.

    It is under the gus.ini and I double checked there was not a double code or conflicting code in gus.ini or game.ini

  • The box typically does not remain checked once checked. What is does is add to the startup command line the code so when server restarts it runs. Its a one activation. PC servers has this as well and always done this.

    This is an XBOX / WINDOWS server. I have seen this work time and time again and the general settings box would stay checked, when the code worked properly. This is the only thing I have noticed that is out of the ordinary. I have the server set to do a daily restart every day and the command usually runs on most of my maps (I do not know when it stopped). Only until here recently have I noticed it not doing the wipe at daily start up. So I am just frustrated, trying to see if I am missing something in the code or maybe its since a most recent update, maybe it messed something up. I am grabbing for straws here lol.