Enable Friendly Fire

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  • Hi guys,

    Might seem like a noob question this however I am unable to enable friendly fire on any of my 3 servers.

    I have been into the game.ini file and changed both bDisableFriendlyFire=True & bPvEDisableFriendlyFire=True to these command lines yet friendly fire is still turned off. Any suggestions? I'm desperately trying to tame Troodons properly and would like to be able to use pheromone darts on my baby gigas.

    Yes I know I could spawn them but hey, I'm a glutton for punishment! And I want my achievement earned properly!


  • Stop the server for at least 5 minutes before making changes to your game.ini file on the server. As to bDisableFriendlyFire=True & bPvEDisableFriendlyFire=True, both should be False. Then save changes and wait a few minutes and restart the server. That is what I did to my server. Hope that helps.

  • Hello

    Thanks for the response. Surely setting the command line to False is what disables friendly fire! Just going off the syntax an all. I will give it a bash and see what happens. If it works then I think someone needs to look up what disable means!

  • Hello again. That worked perfectly cheers. On reflection it was me being dim, stressed and tired when I was tyring to sort my servers and put the post up. Sorry for wasting your time!

    Thanks again