Ark steam server not responding

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  • Im new to servers and only want to make a small ark server with my friends.

    Ive been trying to sort a server out for 4 hours now and im encountering a load of problems. my server wont load in at all. Even when on the nitrado dashboard it says the server is up and running smoothly nothing shows up in the ark search menu and I cant join through my saved steam ips. It just said the server is not responding even though it says its up. Nothing ive done is working and i have looked at ways of fixing it.

    the main thing i think is the problem is that my games patch is 353.1 and the servers is 355.0 or something but ive looked on steam and no updates are available. i cant find a solution to this.

    i only have a small few mods on the server and have only added in 1 extra file to the game.ini but if this is a problem let me know.

    all i want is to make a TheIsland server to accomodate no more than 5 people so if any of the things ive listed are a problem would appreciate any help fixing them


    Added the Label PC / Steam