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  • Hello. I just got a new ark server. I have owned 2 previous ark servers before so i know what i am doing to an extent.

    However when i go to my expert settings, in all the settings, ( etc) nothings there? I have never had this issue before, i have reinstalled the server multiple times but no default expert settings are in there. both previous times i owned ark servers i went into expert settings and it had a multitude of default expert settings that i just had to edit to my preference however this time. There is noting. NO settings to edit at all. PLEASE HELP!

  • Hello,

    In most cases if you have never used Expert before on the server, that is normal. I have ran these servers for nearly 7yrs. In the future when getting a new server, you can use the WebUI and make some basic settings, click save, then restart. That may actually push some of those settings over. If it does not, you do need to manually add them. And note you cant go back and forth between WebUI and Expert. Pick one and stick with it. If you do go back and forth you will loose some settings.

    The cool part since you have a blank screen, copy the other server ini you may have over (edit what you need to do that doesnt show anything about the old server), save, then restart and you are good to go.

    Further note: before making any ini changes have the server stopped.

    If you find you are having more issues with stuff not saving or working, feel free to contact Support.

    thank you