How to modify xp gain/tame/gather rates?

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  • Dear team,

    we are trying to set up our pc pixark server, but there are not any options to configure the following ones inside the general settings of the nitrado settings:

    which are too low for defaults.

    I've read this wiki and editted the game.ini file but with no use.

    Can you please assist me of how to edit those multipliers above?
    Can you please add them?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hello,

    You shut off the server, add the settings to the ini file, save then restart.

    We are unable to add them as we do not have access to your servers here. This is a community form, not official hardware/software support.


    Thank you for your reply :) .

    Yes i did it like you are suggesting, but no work :/, we are getting the same default values.
    I will open a ticket then.