A little dissappointed

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  • I just wanted to express my dissappointment. Last night I had a few new players on my 10 slot server, so to make sure I had enough slots, I upgraded to a 12 slot. After my upgrade, it immediately kicked my players, began a reboot, changed the ip and got stuck in a reboot loop for about a 1/2 hour. Did I mention the 4 hour rollback.

    Something as simple as changing the slot amount turned into a worst case scenario. I feel as though that any major change to a server, upgrade or downgrade should wait until the next Manual or Automatic server reboot at least and not change the ip of said server unless it warrants it like a reinstall.

    No, I'm not happy about it, at all.


  • I have never had this issue with my ARK Servers for 5+yrs. Usually when you do a slot change, it is recommended to so a saveworld, even as far ask a manual FTP backup so you can roll backed even closer to the change. The site back ups arent as frequent. And make sure the server is offline. This is usually what Support suggests. Feel free to contact them and let them know. Sorry you had a bad experience.

  • So basicailly if you alter or change the slots whilst your server is running it will do this, it will carry out another installation.

    I also found out the hard way but was easily fixed by applying a restore back up which prevented the massive roll back - Rule of thumb always make sure your server is in the shutdown stage when making any changes