[PC Server][Steam}The Obsidian Order [PVE]

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  • We are a new small non-pvp server with about 10 player slots running the Fjordur Map. We are looking for more players to join us. We are running a few mods on the server and we have made some changes to make breeding dino's a little easier. Mods and server changes will be listed below. I realize that the players slots are a small number but If we start to get more players on the server I will look into increasing the amount of available player slots on the server in the future. Come and join us have fun.

    [PVE] Server


    Taming speed: x10

    Harvesting: x10

    halved hunger and thirst

    No mating c/d

    Baby mature speed increased


    Awesome Spyglass

    Ultra Stacks

    Super Structures

    Awesome Teleporters

    and Upgrade Station

    Server IP is

    Server Discord Discord