Project Zomboid Server Wipe

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  • Hello,

    I've had this Project Zomboid server going for a couple months now and have been developing a playerbase and adding more mods as requested, I was requested by a large portion of players that they wanted to have the new map mods installed into the server just to have more places to go and loot. And since the only way for newly added map mods to work the server has to be wiped in order for it to load new chunks and the like, but the issue is players do not want to wipe their characters and wanted to import them to this "new world" so they don't have to start over.

    Was wanting advice on how to properly perform a server wipe all while keeping players character data intact. I've tried Googling this but have failed to find clear and cut instructions on how to do this without causing a bunch of issues. I am aware that you simply just delete everything in zomboid/profile/Zomboid/Saves/Multiplayer/servertest, but was just curious if there is anyone else out there who have went through this process and can gives tips.

    tl;dr version: How to wipe, keep characters and loot.

    Thanks in Advance.