Unable to upload and run mod.

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  • Hello!

    I am making a very simple mod (Loading screen.), but I'm having alot of problem with being able to run the mod on the server successfully.

    The loading screen works, however, unable to load into the server.

    The error message is that the client has a mod that doesn't in the servers modlist.

    I've tried repackaging, re-signing, re-publishing, etc but I can't make it work and it making me crazy (since it's minimum effort mod, but yet, my first.)

    Key is in "Keys"
    @mod is in -mod=

    Link to the mod is down below, I'd appreciate any suggestion!!!!

  • Just a recap for anyone for the same problem.

    I had troubles with the mod as I didn't have the mod "updated" as if it wasn't a updated version on the server end.

    What I found out was that when I un-packed the .pbo, it lost its signature.
    I un-packed it once again and instead of using a pbo repacker, I used DayZTool to pack it and voila!

    My private mod is has been working smoothly for all my players now for a little more than two weeks!

    Hope this helps anybody with the same problem as I had.