Server Restarts make character's Invisible

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  • Hello all, This Thread is a issue I and the server i run is having, Upon a server restart after update 0.8 for SCUM, our character turn invisible and gear that we have had is now gone to along with our character models but however our weapons that we have on our backs are visible but not accessible for use... Anyone else getting this bug, I've Reinstalled the server almost 10 times and it hasnt changed a thing..

  • This happened to me today. I played late last night without issue, but this morning I couldn't join my server. Initially I got "connection lost", while subsequent attempts were met with "You were kicked from the server" messages.

    My character is invisible on the title screen, with only the bow on my back and axe in my hands showing. I assume my character is lost. My buddy was able to join but spawned in naked at the trader (awkward!). He logged out last night in his bed at his base, fully geared. He checked my base, and found my gear floating where I was standing when I logged out.