Save Ark characters for future use

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  • Hi,

    My friends and I just wrapped up our Fjordur playthrough. We intend to take a break for a bit from Ark, shut down the server, and come back at some future time and do another map. Is there any way we can back up our characters so that we can use them again? Looking through the guides I am mostly seeing how to roll back the server or restore lost data. We are specifically looking to save our current characters on Fjordur so that we can use them on another map at some point down the road.

    Thank you.

  • If you have a PC server the only way to save the game/profile for a longer time than when your server expires is to use apps like Filezilla, and use FTP to download the files to your personal pc. The Wiki has additional info about this as well the forums. Hope that helps. Thank you