"There are too many tamed creatures on the Ark"

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  • I run a public cluster, and recently one of the players made a ticket saying they couldn't tame any dinos, another saying they couldn't breed anything, then another person came with the same two issues. I realized that I had the settings where the max dinos across the map was set to 80. I reset it to 100,000,000. That didn't fix it. I used Beacon in hopes to fix it (I use it for custom drops). I've edited and taken down the server several times, and nothing seems to work. I have also used, "cheat destroytribeiddinos 2000000000," as suggested in another thread, and it has worked on unlclaimed dinos, it hasn't fixed the "too many tamed dinos." It has been about a week since this issue started.

    Copy of the code in the GameUserSettings.ini:


  • My problem has been solved (no help from Nitrado lmao), but if anyone runs into this thread and needs help, I reentered the code as "MaxTamedDinos=5000.000000". This allowed wild dinos to be tamed and tamed dinos to breed. I'm not entirely sure if it works for more than 5,000, but I do hope this helps someone in the future :)