"host timed out" every 20-25 seconds - game turned unplayable

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  • So.. today we started uploading items for our map transfer on our little 10 player server. While I was loading up things I suddenly get booted to the menu with a "host timed out" error.

    Since that very moment, I started experiencing "host timed out" errors putting me into the menu every 20 to 25 seconds. 100% reproducable.

    It's happening on several different servers.

    It's happening on two different (!) computers in different subnets, one of them on solid LAN, with entirely different builds.

    Speedtest.net claims my internet is stable as usually..

    Same time, other players on the same servers are not experiencing this issue.

    I have no single player games on any of the computers I used to test this issue.

    To be save I did file integrity checks on all my machines.

    As I was desperate to try and solve this issue I reinstated a backup from a time before my crashes on our server, but it didn't change anything.

    Has anybody experienced something similar and could give me a clue about where to start looking ?