Don't starve server mods.

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  • Hey

    So i've been trying to add mods onto the dedicated Don't starve server and i'm really having issues with it, i'm not experienced coder and i've been doing my best with the information i've been given to get it working but I can't seem to get it working. the mods I'm trying to add are in a collection on the steam page and I can post a link to it if somebody could please give me a hand and maybe provide me with the necessary files to add to the server logs in order to enable the mods, I'm not interested in actually editing the mod settings themselves so default is fine I just want the mods to work.…iledetails/?id=1686616184

    I have linked the collection of mods I would like to be used on the server.

    Thank you in advance I appreciate it.

  • I am having the same issue. I got the system to download the mods but when I activate them the server will no longer show up in the server list. I am wondering what is going on with things. I followed the instructions in the Wiki but still no luck. Is there a syntax setting some place i'm missing?


    Closed the thread.