No Loot

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  • I have just got around to updating my test server to the latest version, and upon loading the game, I have not come across a single piece of loot anywhere on the map. Events spawn fine, there are no issues with the SpawnableTypes file as far as I know, the server is running perfectly except for the fact that there's absolutely no loot anywhere.

    Before the update, I had a ludicrous amount of loot and the server worked fine. I've since only added the newest stuff from the update, and it seems to have destroyed it.

    I have attempted to lower the amount of loot in the hundreds in hopes that it will free up the queue a bit, but that has made no difference.

    I have done the standard XML Validation on two separate sites, and both have said there are no syntax errors.

    I have just gone through the entire Types file in hopes of finding an error that the XML Validator wouldn't flag, (Such as the Nominal Values being lower than the Minimum Values), which I had actually found one item that had a lower Nominal Value than the Minimum, and I had corrected the error and restarted my server, yet it was to no avail.

    I am currently at a complete loss, and I have no idea what to try next.

    I'm not sure if Bohemia Interactive have since added an additional file that needs to be altered in order for loot to spawn properly; if I don't know what a file does, I just leave it be.

    I will try and insert a copy of my Types file and if someone can see something I'm missing or provide a hint or something that will help bring my server back up to code, it'll be very much appreciated.

    It's very frustrating spending hours modifying a server just for it to not work at all with no explanation. I'm hoping I'm just missing something.