looking for help to change the tribute upload timers

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  • We are currently playing on ragnarok and would like to migrate to an old "the island" backuped map, using only a single server. For that I would really love to increase the tribute upload time. I tried to disable or atleast increase the 24-hours timer (by that I mean an uploaded item disappearing after 24 hours) but so far my attempts failed.

    I tried to achieve this by playing with these settings:

    Tribute Item Expiration Seconds

    Tribute Dino Expiration Seconds

    Tribute Character Expiration Seconds

    I am not using expert mode. I tried to set these values in the web interface to "0" or to "31449600", but that didn't change anything at all - if I upload an item it still shows the 24 hour upload timer.

    I also tried to look for a way to disable the timer at all, but it seems that is only possible by removing the cluster ID - which I will need to re-download everything after reinstating "the island" map on my server, so that I can't do.

    Is there anyone who managed to increase or disable the tribute upload timers who could give me any hints on how to achieve that ?

  • there has to be another setting altering the amount of time uploads are available, then. I altered these settings' numbers several times during the last week.

    I tried "259200" in all three lines. I put in one unit of clay in the "ARK DATA" tab and returned after 24 hours. It was gone.

    Then I tried "518400" in all three lines.. Same again - no more clay after 24 hours.

    Then I tried "129600" in all three lines.. Same, gone after 24 hours.

    The settings I am altering definitely don't change anything about the time the items stay available after the download.

  • Then I would suggest contacting support. Those are the only settings, and all my stuff stays for 72hrs although the timer says 24. I only use the WebUI so I know I havent done any ini customs. Also the server has to be offline to make those changes.

  • I did some more trying and testing before I contacted support. They answered:


    The rest of the mail links wiki and the forum asking me to look for help there..

    Guess I am out of luck..



    The Nitrado.net Support is primarily responsible for providing fast and competitive help in case of serious errors regarding the rented service.

    This is only possible if the support staff are able to focus on these serious issues. That's why we appreciate your understanding in regards to this kind of configuration related questions. Please consider using the tools provided by Nitrado and its community to look up your request, before writing an answer to this ticket.