Installed New Mods, Server will attempt to start before stopping itself

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  • Love Nitrado. Absolutely do. Ark is a super buggy game and you all are saints for doing this.

    I've been a subscriber for a while and I haven't launched my old server since July since my buddies and I went on a Destiny 2 spree. We are since trying to come back and we are wanting to reset the server and put some new mods on.

    All old files have been deleted and old unwanted mods have been removed. We added two new ones (both creatures mods) and since then, I have not been able to launch my server.

    I'm aware it takes a while for the server to adjust to new mods and I'm not worried about that, but my server will go into "restart" and before it gets to the "force stop/start" point, it just goes back to being stopped.

    Any insight on what might be happening? I've tried several times to start it and the same thing keeps happening.

    Edit: I HAVE noticed a strange mod on my mod list that I didn't add. It's simply labeled "13" and has the steam logo. If it's clicked on, it just leads to an error page. Not sure if this helps.

  • Mod 13 is just the new DLC map. That is normal.

    As for the mods, it is simple as adding/removing a mod ID only.

    Generally you do not want to run 2 dino mods at the same time. They are usually what is called yellow mods (not stackable).

    If you havent already you may want to read the workshop for those 2 mods. It could even be another mod.

    You may need to check each mod. With the new DLC (if you are trying to use the new map) will not work with all mods. The Dev Kit needs to be released for modders to fully update.

    S+ has issues from what folks have posted. I use SS myself and have been fine.

    But yeah, mod support is from the workshop.


    Closed the thread.