Raising max player/dino level cap

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  • I've been searching and trying to get this to work for the past week. I don't go any higher than level 108. I have code set up to level 500, which goes up to 528 entries. I don't use expert mode on nitrado and I put my codes into Custom Game.ini Settings. I downloaded my game.ini file to see there are 2 "LevelExperienceRampOverrides=" over my "LevelExperienceRampOverrides=" for my increased levels. I've tried deleting it several ways comes back everytime I start the server back up. What do I need to do to fix this? Here is my custom Game.ini

  • Started a Fjordur map server almost 3 weeks ago. I've had some success changing some of the settings (multipliers, structure limit, etc); however, in both the basic webui and in expert settings, I can not get the level cap to increase (trying to make it 150). I've followed the wiki pages, watched YouTube videos, even did a mindwipe tonic on my character to see if it will work. No character can get higher than 105, and when I did a mindwipe on my character, his max level is now 76 ||.

    This was my attempt in the basic engine settings, and didn't work.


    I copy/pasted the code from:


    Which didn't work either.

    My only other thought was to delete my character, but when I click remove from the Player Control in the Tools section, I still have the same character when I log back in after I stop and restart the server.

    Somebody, please help! I can send the .ini files to review, if that helps.

  • Here is a copy of my settings, I can reach level 225.

    Check your


    You may have to adjust it to allow for more XP

    My setting might be a little high, but it worked



    My LevelExperienceRampOverrides are attached; too much to copy and paste.

    These are the setting I use for Xbox. Unsure if they would be the same for PC/Steam.


    Closed the thread.