Change Map upload Dinos and save "old" map

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  • Hi!

    I was searching for a tutorial but didn´t found it.

    We play actually on Fjordur and wanna switch to an other map. we wanna take our dinos and few other thinks to the new map but don´t wanna loose our base etc on Fjordur (if we wanna switch back)

    I read that we should save the current map. But how we transfer dinos and so on to the new map? Transmitter is working?

    Is there any step-by-step tutorial?

    Thx in advance

  • Hello,

    The answer to this question has already been asked multiple times in this forum. In the top right you are able to search. Also the official ARK Forums also have that info.

    It is always recommended to be safe to have 2 servers and have them crossark'd. You have less chance of losing stuff. But you can also simply upload your character and dino to ob, change map then download. You do run the risk of losing stuff including the character. Then down the road change it back. NOTE: if you change slots or server hops to another server the existing mapfile may no longer exist. Make a local backup of the server to your PC and you would have the files needed later.