Automated Tasks not allowing custom settings

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  • My apologies if this has been addressed. I searched but did not find my problem.

    I am running 7 Days to Die. It keeps resetting. When I look at the automated tasks, it is set as starting every hour, every day, every week etc.

    I searched the Nitropedia so I could understand the settings. I changed my settings, and clicked add. Nitropedia says that they will stay set at the custome settings I made. But it does not.

    It reverts back to every hour, every day, every week. How do I fix this?

    Thank you.

  • Hello

    If you scroll down some it will show you which tasks are active. What you're seeing if simply what you can choose to add a new automated task. This doesn't mean it's restarting every single second because of the automated tasks. You use those drop down menus to select the times you want the server to restart.

    If it stuck in a restart loop it isn't due to your automated tasks. Have you made any recent changes to the server?