Help with adding non-Extinction dinos to Extinction server

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  • Hi, I've been recently trying to set up a private server on the Extinction map and I'd like to add a few non-native spawns. Specifically, I'm trying to add jerboas, shadowmanes and desmodus. I've tried a couple of different methods, first by just adding lines like these to the game.ini :

    ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntriesExt_DesertOasis",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Jerboa",EntryWeight=10.0,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Jerboa_Character_BP_C "))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Jerboa_Character_BP_C ",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.05)))

    ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntriesCityCenter",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Jerboa",EntryWeight=10.0,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Jerboa_Character_BP_C "))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Jerboa_Character_BP_C ",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.05)))

    Which I thought would add jerboas to the "Desert Oasis" and "City Center" spawn pools, but I'm not 100% sure those are even the right location tags. I have yet to find a list for the Extinction map. So when that didn't seem to work after a couple of "destroywilddinos" commands, I tried replacing existing spawns with commands like this one:

    NPCReplacements=(FromClassName = "Ichthyornis_Character_BP_C", ToClassName = "Jerboa_Character_BP_C")

    Nobody wants to see an ichthyornis anyways. And I haven't since I put this into the game.ini, but neither have I seen any jerboas. I was planning to just replace the onycs with desmodus and figure out somewhere to tuck shadowmanes away as well. Has anyone gotten either of these types of customization to work on their servers? Thanks

  • Update: I've found the appropriate location tags here:

    I now have jerboas spawning in the DinoSpawnEntries_CityCenter_C as well as Ext_DinoSpawnEntries_DesertOasis_C, and shadowmanes spawning nearby in DinoSpawnEntries_CityCenter_DangerClose_C. For anyone interested, the shadowmanes do go to sleep and you can harvest corrupted wood from gacha crystals on Extinction. It will just require unlocking the fish basket engram either by hopping arks or auto unlocking engrams to tame them. I haven't made it over to the cave yet to see if the desmodus are spawning properly.

    Unfortunately, the ichthyornis are back and I don't know why. I added this line:


    But it doesn't seem to be working